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Take your business to the next level with creative and compelling videography and photography. Together, we’ll create content that captivates—no matter your clientele.

About EMV

EMV is a full-stack digital agency that believes in the power of video and photography. Results driven and deeply passionate, our small, professional team offers a tailored experience for every business or individual—from helping to generate sales, enhance branding, to capturing life’s greatest moments.

Long gone are the days of traditional marketing and advertising—we know that video and photos are one the most essential tools for any budding business, big or small. With our expertise, we’ll help you reach all your content goals, no matter what they are.

Small businesses

Every fresh startup or small business knows that marketing is essential to success. Whether you’re looking to amplify your website, optimise your advertising, or even collect client testimonials, EMV offers a curated package for any of your small business needs.

Who we work with

Event-related companies

Are you an event planner with a wide range of clientele? Using EMV's state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge video technology, our business is expertly positioned to help you capture any and all footage. Need a wedding videographer? Or maybe even a videographer for a corporate or nonprofit gala? We’ve got you covered.

Individuals in need of video content

Not only do we work with professional businesses, but we also offer one-on-one video, for all of your needs.

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Drone footage

Whether you’re boosting up your marketing or looking to catch some incredible shots on the day of your wedding, our qualified unmanned aircraft pilots offer drone expertise like no other.

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GoPro footage

Want eye-level content so your audience feels like they’re right in the action? GoPro content is ideal for anyone that’s looking to immerse their clients directly into the scene

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Regular video

EMV’s top-of-the-line technology will turn any regular video content into an award-winning clip. We’ve got all the equipment and expertise for any endeavour.

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With EMV, we know that affordability is key. We’ll help you capture any day or event with stunning photography, without putting you in debt.

Why work with us

Corporate interview

We’re dedicated to customer service

No matter what your video content needs are, it’s important to work with a production company that responds to your questions and requests in a timely, helpful manner. EMV prides itself on treating you like you’re one of us—family.


We’re customisable and flexible

If your needs don’t *exactly* fit our packages, feel free to contact us anyway. We love doing custom offers and being flexible where it counts. From consumer-facing organisations to personal, creative projects EMV is your boutique digital agency

EMV Family Owned

We’re Family-owned

EMV was born from a love of video and a hunger to help others create content. As a full-stack, family-owned production company, we incorporate that passion into everything we do. We know that offering you a tailored, one-on-one experience every time is what matters—we treat you like family.

We’re experts

As qualified unmanned aircraft pilots, and skilled digital creatives, EMV prides itself on delivering high-quality, top-notch work. With almost a decade of experience in the field, we guarantee total satisfaction.

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